The Illustrated Guide to Texas Hold'em: Making Winners out by Dennis Purdy

By Dennis Purdy

The Illustrated advisor to Texas Hold'em takes you from amateur to expert participant quick. This low-limit Texas Hold'em booklet places you within the video game, supplying you with real events the place a choice has to be made, and also you make the following move.

Author and previous playing professional Dennis Purdy indicates you the best resolution to every hand with a transparent rationalization approximately no matter if you selected properly - or not.

Whether you are an absolute newbie or an skilled participant seeking to hone your abilities, The Illustrated consultant to Texas Hold'em can have you having a bet smarter - and successful more cash - very quickly!

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Throw this hand away and don’t lose a moment’s peace over it. 49 50 The Illustrated Guide to Texas Hold’em Big Blind Dealer Button *3,350* Approximate Pot Size GAME: $4–$8 Small * Pot amount does not include the house rake which might vary slightly from casino to casino, but usually is 10% up to a $3 maximum, plus $1 for some sort of house jackpot. 1K (4,100 chip $ in the pot before you act: $36* YOU Flop Turn River Turn Card Yet to Be Dealt River Card Yet to Be Dealt Pocket Situation #11 You received the Ace and 4 of Clubs in your pocket.

Should you fold, call the $4 bet, or raise to $8, and why? 1% Win Rate Rank: 1 of 169 possible Situation #1: Answer We begin your study of Texas Hold’em with the best pocket hand you could hold—two Aces. Without question, and under any circumstances, you always play pocket Aces before the flop. The only question is whether to call or raise. In this situation, you are the first to act. Your choices are to call the $4 big blind bet or raise to $8. There are two schools of thought on this hand. You might want to just call.

It is now your turn to act. Do you fold, call the $8 bet, or raise to $12, and why? 6% Win Rate Rank: 30 of 169 possible Situation #12: Answer A pair of 7s in the pocket was worth the call. This flop has now given you a gut shot straight draw. But there’s plenty of trouble on the horizon. First of all, you have to hit a 6 on the turn or the river for a straight. The odds against you are stiff (over 5-to-1). In addition, with two Clubs on the board there is a real chance of someone hitting a flush draw, which will beat your straight even if you do hit it.

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