The Ginger Star (The Book of Skaith, Volume 1) by Leigh Brackett

By Leigh Brackett

  • Eric John Stark, Outlaw of Mars, travels past the sun process for stimulating technology fable adventures on the earth of Skaith, a lawless sphere on the fringe of the identified universe. Raised as a savage at the antagonistic planet of Mercury and honed right into a fearless warrior within the low canals of the pink Planet, Stark is considered one of technological know-how fiction's maximum adventurers and is Leigh Brackett's most famed personality. In The Ginger Star, Simon Ashton, Stark's foster father, has been abducted through the Lords Protector, and simply Stark can rescue him!

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Old friends. Stark had grown quite fond of them. Nearer at hand, the light of a little fire flared and flickered across Gerrith's face. "Something tells me. Everything is in train now, and the end has already been written. " Stark grunted, unconvinced. The beasts, huddled together with their tails to the wind, munched at heaps of moss piled up for them. The Izvandians laughed and chattered around their fires. The Irnanese were wrapped bundles, suffering in silence. " "But you know that. " "And so you cross the stars to risk losing it on a world you never heard of before?

A chief, probably captain of the mercenaries. He was marched up the hall to where the Council sat, and he stood facing Jerann without emotion. " Jerann took up a small heavy sack from the table. " "To my dead as well? " He weighed the sack in his hand. " "If you wish to bribe us to leave Irnan," said Kazimni contemptuously, "keep your gold. " Jerann shook his head. "No bribe. " Kazimni cocked one pale insolent eyebrow. " "Some of our people are going into the Barrens. A small party. " Kazimni did not bother to ask why a party of Irnanese were going into the Barrens.

But it was still a cave, and Gerrith looked out of place in it with her youth and her golden coloring. She was made for sunlight. She sat in a massive chair behind a massive table. A wide, shallow bowl of silver stood on the table, filled with clear water. "The Water of Vision," she said, and shook her head. " There were shadows around her eyes and her face was drawn, as though she had sat there all night. "I never had my mother's gift. I never wanted it, though she told me it would come in its own time, whether I wanted it or not.

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