TAT Professionals' Manual by Tapas Fleming

By Tapas Fleming

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Then proceed through the rest of the Steps. If they chose their own label, then Step One is: Everything that led up to (their label) happened. Then proceed through the rest of the Steps. To end the session, ask them if there is anything they would like to say about the work you’ve done today or if they have any questions. ” That tidily closes your session. What is Normal in a TAT Session? When is person is troubled, they experience stuck energy. Doing TAT resolves the blockages and energy flows again.

The darkness leaves and light pours out of them. ” They enjoy seeing the light pouring out of themselves just as much as I do. Traditional Chinese Medicine From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, each organ houses a different functional aspect of our being. The liver is the residence of the General of the body. The General is in charge of the defense of the body. The heart houses the Spirit. When the General perceives that the system is under attack, 27 the Spirit flees the castle of the heart.

Then if someone is having strong feelings, I can feel it before they express it and try to deflect their emotional expression away from me. I need to be in strong emotions in order to feel that I’m alive. If I’m peaceful, I feel dead. I can’t stand my own feelings, so I’ll focus on other people’s feelings. I have to save everyone who suffered like I did so they never have to feel what I felt. I can’t rest, relax or do anything for my own happiness. I don’t count. Only other people count and I have to work tirelessly until they are all happy.

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