Spinoza, Philosophie Pratique by Gilles Deleuze

By Gilles Deleuze


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Bowley’s] contributions on index numbers is perhaps the formula to which his name was given but this has been a source of puzzlement to some since it is known that both Edgeworth and Marshall had made a similar suggestion previously. G. Kendall says that the method of averaging weights was proposed by Edgeworth and Marshall ‘and endorsed by Bowley’ [1969, p. 11]. The index is p1 (q1 + q0 )/ p0 (q1 + q0 ), where p0 , p1 , q0 and q1 denote the prices of a commodity in the base and the current years and weights in the same years respectively, and the sum is taken over all the commodities included.

597]. Here too Bowley delivered a short note, making an ‘interesting suggestion’ (according to Rew) which was published in English as Bowley [1909a]. Here Bowley, perhaps in line with the newly-established committee’s terms of reference, proposed that the median be used as a standard of comparison for wages between different countries. I. statutes. I. , 1934]. Julia served on the committee that arranged entertainment for the ladies. Bowley’s merits were also recognised in the economic and econometric communities.

The figures that were eventually available for use were therefore rough but capable of use, though Bowley noted here that the Census would be far more informative if it had paid more attention to households and less to individuals. Analysis of the number of occupied and unoccupied people showed that the number of unmarried unoccupied women was very small (for instance, per thousand households where there were children under 14 years 489 women were unoccupied, the number per thousand where there were no such children was 353).

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