Prostitute faith by Norvel Hayes

By Norvel Hayes

Who's relatively your resource? God is your basically resource and the one one that can meet your wishes if you happen to think. this straightforward dynamic message directs the believer to belief in God--not guy. God desires you to appear to Jesus for aid. Norvel Hayes stocks how you can stay away from the key stumbling blocks to receiving from God. it really is higher to belief within the Lord than to place self assurance in guy. Psalm 118:8

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Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines the following: prostitute— 1. who deliberately debases himself or his talents (as for money)" 2. " Prostitution is practiced by those who can't or won't supply their own needs by moral and legal means. They debase themselves in order to have others supply their needs. " In your own life, when you look to just "get," you surely lower yourself and your character. You are riding on the coattails of someone else's faith, and that, my dear friend, is lazy, sloppy Christianity.

You can be free from your prostitute faith. Don't go to man. " After this conversation on Saturday morning, we both began thanking Jesus for helping her. Later, she went to work behind the tape and book table during the seminar. Soon, a person walked up and said, "Zona, God has been dealing with me for two days. " She looked at the check—four thousand dollars! If you get delivered from your prostitute faith, God will bless you as well. You tie the hands of God when you look to man or refuse to come before the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, bow down before him and begin to thank Him for what you need.

Oh," you may say, "but Brother Norvel, I would never lower myself to prostitution. " When God sent his only Son to die for you, to provide for you and also gave you the Bible filled with His promises for you, and then you choose to ignore it and look to man to get it for you, what would you say you are doing? Are you not lowering yourself, debasing your character? What's the difference between selling yourself and selling out God? Now, don't get me wrong. God placed the five-fold ministry in the Church, as Ephesians 4:12 says, for the equipping and perfecting of the saints.

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