Pollution and Physiology of Marine Organisms by F. John Vernberg

By F. John Vernberg

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24 POLLUTION A N D P H Y S I O L O G Y OF M A R I N E O R G A N I S M S having a serious neurophysiological effect when p r e s ent in the methyl mercury form, attacking the central nervous system. However, the mode of action of mercury even in humans is not clearly understood. There are situations of natives consuming large quantities of fish from mercury-contaminated waters of Clay Lake in Northern Ontario, where neurophysiological disorders might be expected, but none has been found so far. The form in which zinc is present in the body may be extremely important in its effects on organisms when compared to that of mercury.

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Hamlin, and S. Sonis. 1970. Effects of metal poisoning on five liver enzymes in killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus). J. Fish. Res. Bd. Canada 27:383-90. Jensen, S. and A. JernelSv. 1969. Biological methylation of mercury in aquatic organisms. Nature 223:753-54. Karbe, L. 1972. Marine Hydroiden als Testorganismen zur Priifungder Toxizitat von Abwasserstoffen. Die Wirkung von Schwermetallen auf Kolonien von Eirene viridula [Marine hydroids as test organisms for assessing the toxicity of water pollutants.

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