Patrologia Orientalis Tomus Decimus Septimus by R.Graffin- F.Nau

By R.Graffin- F.Nau

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Ao . )L^iö )^ m _5, •». ioo »Yt *> J^V»o* )»^> CX^OCL^i JISooj l^o^ yOOuVl; ^aü ^ca... -i. K_^L °>i JN. ^»o J^-W^ OK Z'URA. sfl o»_si .. i 1 > ->o^ AM tJ-aa^ •:-|ta\| 1. Ms. k*a-A corr. v. D. ) depart i'rom the city limits, while prepared a place for the blessed the it in order that tliore miglit not it, begged him city, |N~»-«L Ij-i^" I..

XVII. — F. 1. ' ; record, But, after path of heroism, and of acta mighty deeds, and deliverance 2. T. i. ] ) j f. ^^[ot o^io/ |^o voio^ ><*-=> ' :< of r. b. 5 JOHN OF EPHESUS. 18 — vi. ^J»^o <*^a*o voo^3o M^-A~ ^x . nccu :~o«aa3Öoi r. 6 -o,oM? >*> 06, Suppl. i. v. who those D. and are — JJlL^» \ 2. U< leaf or nsore wrongcd and was carried he L. ^ of^j rtf^* ^hvüm t^i^ ] a ^ J*»/ «Kaoi&o» JV*" t^ü/ L that is men and widows, of a release from the troubles [of] the committed his monastery body, and feil asleep in peace, having confitently Z'ura his disciple, who lo distressed the of care the and and his labour hhnself also trafficked zealously with insomuch as to amass double began and ended days his profits.

CXobO^ JJvj ,_a^' Z'URA. Jju^JLÜ; jloiO; <*i *V^o? J^Jupcui». Kj o&. <>F him : « all t<> to that he ordered; This happened to you, becanse von tempted the Lord your God like an unbeliever, and songht a sign ». And thenceforth the dread of the blessed man feil upon him, and in fear he used to assent to bis requests in everything; only the State of the not set right, because the delinquencies of the Amorites yetfull; but he ceased that violence church he did were perhaps nol and these threats, while the power of the old man's prayer thenceforward gave freedom of action (icocppviffia) to all r.

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