On Applications and Theory of Functional Equations by J. Aczél

By J. Aczél

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In comparison to the functions with values (34) /(*)=** (36) F(x,y)-. the more general forms ( 4 6 ) and ( 4 8 ) of the solutions made these func­ tions more apt for application to the original problems in economics. W. > and ( 4 8 ) as solutions, which conjecture was rejected by the above mentioned result. Other applications of generalized homogeneous functions to problems in economics were made by the Hungarian mathematicians E. VINCZE ( 1 9 6 0 ) and E. VINCZE and M . Hosszu in 1961 and very recently a different generalization with several applications was made by the Polish mathematician S.

But, from ( 4 4 ) we see that k (45) t. H (/,*,) = Here k is a constant, but also z is fixed at zo. For different values of z we always get functions of the form k /(/) == l but k might be different for different z; that is, k which is a constant with respect to / can depend upon z. Hence, we write ( 4 5 ) as (z) (46) H{t,z) = /* . Thus, every solution bounded from below an interval of t-values, of the equation (43) H{tu,z) has to be of the by a positive =H{t,z)H(u,z) H(t,z) (t>0,u>0) = /*<=>. Reciprocally, one sees immediately that every function k of one variable function satisfies = H^9^F(x9y) F(tx,ty) , we have, since \ X that (47) F(tx,ty) = t^FiXty) .

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