Khalifah: A Novel of Conquest and Personal Triumph by John Elray

By John Elray

The tale of the way the son of Muhammad's arch-enemy took regulate of the Muslim empire within the 7th century A.D. A pressured Muslim convert defies all odds to develop into the preferrred ruler of an empire that stretches from Egypt to Persia during this drama which pits Arab opposed to Arab through the Muslims' upward push to strength within the 7th century.

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There appeared to be a heated argument going on inside, although the words were indiscernible. Khalifah 43 Chapter 7 AH 11/ AD 632 It was shortly after dawn and the desert sand was already scorching. The morning sun hung low in the sky, enlarged and reddened by a distant sandstorm, its heat causing objects close to the ground to waver. People in the distance appeared to be split at the waist, their upper halves walking separately from their lower halves through a vast shimmering lake which I knew was not really there.

Seven of those were beheaded, the jagged tree stumps making suitable chopping blocks. One was thrown off a nearby cliff, and two were drowned in the well − suspended by their ankles and lowered in until the water reached their knees. When the squirming stopped, they were hauled out and unceremoniously cast aside. The crowded slopes rang with jeers and catcalls. Only those whose relations met their end grieved. They wailed endlessly. Sentences commensurate with the crime were also handed down to those who maimed or disfigured their victims.

Don't let me hold back your ambition − not that I could − but the implication of what you've told me is clear. It would give Khalid an added excuse to rid this earth of your person, aside from the blood feud. " "Yes, yes. I know. " At that moment Al-Muthanna re-entered the tent. "I have just received word that a group of your people were attacked on the route which leads to the west," Al-Muthanna said. He sat down by the fire and crossed his legs. His face had a solemn look. I began to pull at my beard, feeling for a spot long enough to get a good hold on.

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