John Milton: Life, Work, and Thought by Gordon Campbell

By Gordon Campbell

Written by way of of the world's prime Milton students, generally praised as "illuminating" (Times Literary Supplement), "seamlessly written (Publishers Weekly), and "a publication of everlasting price" (Literary Review), and winner of the Milton Society's James Holly Hanford Award, this really good biography sheds clean new gentle at the writings, the idea, and the lifetime of poet John Milton. A extra human Milton seems in those pages, a Milton who's mistaken, self-contradictory, self-serving, conceited, passionate, ruthless, formidable, and crafty. he's additionally one of the so much finished writers of the interval, the main eloquent polemicist of the mid-century, and the writer of the best and such a lot influential narrative poem in English, Paradise Lost, which the e-book examines intimately. What Milton accomplished within the face of crippling adversity, blindness, bereavement, and political eclipse, is still wondrous. here's a interesting biography of this towering literary figure--the first new severe learn in 40 years--one that profoundly demanding situations the got knowledge approximately one among England's major poets and thinkers.

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In Ad patrem (‘To my Father’) Milton was later to express his gratitude that his father had paid for lessons in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, and Italian. It is likely that instruction in these languages began with private tutors; although Milton went on to study the ancient languages at school, modern languages were not taught in schools, and it seems likely that all of Milton’s instruction in French and Italian (and possibly Spanish) was given in the domestic setting. The formal education of John Milton senior had Wnished early, although he was a cultivated man, experienced and competent in a demanding profession.

However, over a wide range of issues his approach was quite tolerant. ’31 On these issues, the predisposition of individual clergymen and the more engaged laity was clear enough in the London of Milton’s childhood. But the bitterness of the conXict, and an associated hostility towards Catholicism, was to come on in stages—in 1618 at the outbreak of the Thirty Years War, in 1623 when the Spanish Match, to marry Prince Charles oV to the Infanta, was unsuccessfully pursued, and inexorably with the rise of William Laud after the accession of Charles in 1625.

Stock anticipated the idiom of the militant Protestantism much commoner after 1618 and especially after the Wasco of the Spanish Match. Of course, many who were anti-Catholic would not have considered themselves puritans. Second, Stock provided a role model for how a moderately talented scholar and divine could proceed to advancement in the church and the universities. He demonstrated the value of courting multiple patrons—and of accepting patronage fairly indiscriminately. Milton may have learned from Stock how the patronage system worked and how valuable it could be.

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