Invitation to Existential Psychology: A Psychology for the by Bo Jacobsen

By Bo Jacobsen

Existential psychology examines how humans take care of the most important matters - similar to discovering which means in lifestyles and dealing with dying. It offers with a number of the related difficulties as psychoanalysis and analytical psychology, yet emphasises the view that you possibly can comprehend the lifetime of one other by way of hearing their means of seeing life and opening up their ‘phenomenal world’. As a healing process it is recognised through the British mental Society and taught on a bunch of courses. This introductory textual content discusses all of the major modern theories of existential psychology, and illustrates them with case examples. useful implications for medical paintings are thought of, and comparisons with different methods similar to humanistic psychotherapy are made all through.

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There are a number of books dealing with the fundamentals of existential philosophy. John Macquarrie’s Existentialism (Macquarrie, 1972) provides an excellent overview. Also, the applied field of existential therapy has been enriched in recent years with quite a number of books. A succinct survey of the therapeutic field has been provided by Mick Cooper in his book Existential therapies (Cooper, 2003). For some reason, however, existential psychology, the theoretical and empirical bridge between philosophy and therapy, has been sparsely treated in terms of systematic, coherent expositions.

Thus, many doctors and psychologists are seriously dedicated to making their patients with chronic diseases accept their diagnosis. We must ask, however, whether this approach is always fruitful. Who is to say that a human being would not lead a better and happier life without knowing the medical diagnosis? Of course, the diagnosis may provide clarity and security. In the case of diabetes, for instance, knowing the diagnosis may offer obvious health advantages if the patient follows the doctor’s advice regarding a revised lifestyle.

Nowadays, however, the concept of coping is often used normatively. ’ Some researchers have tried to extract the essence of the coping mechanisms and reformulate it into so-called good advice, which is then offered to the patient. Yet this research rests on a highly debatable premise: The researchers isolate the ‘mechanisms’ from the natural human context in which they function. When such strategies are subsequently written down, they will appear as techniques that everybody can use – and human life is turned into a technical matter.

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