Introduction to the Nature of Mind by Yangthang Rinpoche

By Yangthang Rinpoche

Книга посвящается концентрации, медитации, контролем эмоций и т.п.

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The side. In this experience there will sometimes be a flood of discursive thoughts and at other times there will be ~ery few. At this time one must abandon ·any grasping to good or bad and simply remain with the practice and practice unceasingly. This will lead to the third experience. Through one's diligence, one will begin to experience the meditation. Just as a person who has worked very hard will collapse with a sense of relief and sit with no thoughts at all, similarly, through perseverance in the practice one is able to remain with emptiness.

Otherwise, if one has no practice one will not recognize and will react with fear to the brilliant light and instead be attracted to thedulllight, which will appear more calming and attractive. Thus one will be lead to rebirth in one of the six realms, depending upon the particular 36 light one is attracted to: So if you practice now you can be liberated in this intermediate period of concentration, and that is to be liberated in the nirmanakaya state of buddhahood. If one is unable to be liberated at this time one will wander on to the intermediate period of rebirth.

Yet, what you need to understand is that once you have begun your dharma practice, throughout the course ofemploying whichever ofthese methods you are relying on, the real result is that you should see and experience your mind becoming more peaceful and tame. The dharma exists solely for the sake of eliminating the conflicting emotions that sentient beings experience, the same conflicting emotions that are the very source of their suffering. Once you have begun your dharma practice you should definitely experience your lack of awareness decreasing, your aggression decreasing, your pride decreasing, your attachment and desire decreasing, your jealousy and competitiveness decreasing, 38 and your mind becoming more peaceful and tame.

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