Interface between Chemistry and Biochemistry by F. Carrière, R. Verger, A. Lookene, G. Olivecrona (auth.),

By F. Carrière, R. Verger, A. Lookene, G. Olivecrona (auth.), Prof. Dr. P. Jollès, Prof. Dr. H. Jörnvall (eds.)

The expanding value of the interface among chemistry and biology is one of the greatest switch in chemistry long ago 15 years. a growing number of natural chemists are engaged on difficulties facing biology. as soon as thought of to be on the very outdoor fringe of both box, interfacial study is poised to maneuver into the mainstream of either disciplines. This merging of 2 forms of process has ended in a energetic study self-discipline with exceptional power to deal with very important organic and chemical difficulties. a sequence of examples are built during this ebook. a few analytical elements are mentioned first because the primary strategies aren't basically chemical, yet chemistry has supplied biochemistry with strong instruments of research. Physico-chemical features are dedicated to spectrometric reports of nucleic acids in addition to lipids, lipases and membrane proteins (receptors). 3 chapters are incorporated within the part facing enzymes. The half dedicated to metalloproteins is especially directed towards zinc metallochemistry and NMR structural paintings on zinc proteins. Chemists were in a position to convey to biology their attribute method of synthesizing new molecules; 3 chapters are dedicated to peptides, sugar compounds and biocatalysts. chapters talk about new energetic compounds (antibacterial peptides, catalytic antibodies), that are the results of collaboration among chemists and biochemists.

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