Ibn ‘Arabî - Time and Cosmology (Culture and Civilization in by Mohamed Haj Yousef

By Mohamed Haj Yousef

This publication is the 1st finished try to clarify Ibn ‘Arabî’s targeted view of time and its function within the strategy of developing the cosmos and its relation with the author. by way of evaluating this unique view with sleek theories of physics and cosmology, Mohamed Haj Yousef constructs a brand new cosmological version which could deepen and expand our figuring out of the area, whereas possibly fixing a number of the drawbacks within the present versions corresponding to the historic Zeno's paradoxes of movement and the new Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox (EPR) that underlines the discrepancies among Quantum Mechanics and Relativity.

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1 shows this Cloud and its contents down to the ‘establishing Throne’ (‘Arsh al-Istiwâ’), which is different from the usual cosmological meaning of the divine (normal or usual) ‘Throne’. The ‘establishing throne’ is the throne on which ‘Allah established His authority’, alluding to the verse ‘ar-Rahmân ‘ala al-‘arsh istawâ’ (20:5). According to this account in chapter 371, the universe appeared in the Universal Soul through the Universal Intellect as the result of what Ibn ‘Arabî calls an ‘abstract (or ‘spiritual’) marriage’ (nikâh ma‘nawî).

4 Quantum time Regarding the question of ‘instants’ of time, time being a linear continuum LPSOLHV WKDW WKHUH LV D QRQGHQXPHUDEOH LQ¿QLW\ RI WKHP 7KLV PHDQV WKDW between any two instants there is a third; time is continuous. However, for times shorter than about 10–43 seconds, the so-called Planck time, science has no experimental support that time holds its continuousness. But physicists agree that General Relativity must fail for durations shorter than the Planck time,27 though they do not know exactly how and what is the substitute.

EQµ$UDEî’s concept of time  7KHFRQFHSWRIWLPHLVQHHGHGWRFRPSDUHWKHVHTXHQFHRIHYHQWVRUPRWLRQ but real existence is attributed only to the thing that actually moves, not to the abstractions of motion, time or space in which motion is observed: $QG WLPH DQG VSDFH DUH DOVR D FRQVHTXHQFH RI QDWXUDO ERGLHV EXW WLPH LV something imagined that does not exist (in itself), but is introduced by the PRWLRQ RI RUEV DQG ORFDOL]HG WKLQJV ZKHQ ZH DVN DERXW WKHP µZKHQ¶ 6R time and space do not exist in reality, but existence is to the things that move and still.

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