Hume's Philosophical Development by James H. Noxon

By James H. Noxon

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Miller, op. ' However, the 'Readers' to whom Newton here refers are, of course, the readers of the first edition of the Principia which does not explicitly raise such undecidable questions. -46- the painful stages of revision and excision through which Newton's 'Rules of Reasoning in Philosophy' passed after their partial appearance in the first edition, accompanied by physical and astronomical doctrines, and all, significantly, labelled 'Hypotheses'. 38 Newton's first rule states the principle of parsimony; the second prescribes economy in the assignment of causes to similar effects.

17 Ibid. -38- theses for the explanation of them. For hypotheses should be subservient only in explaining the properties of things, but not assumed in determining them; unless so far as they may furnish experiments. For if the possibility of hypotheses is to be the test of the truth and reality of things, I see not how certainty can be obtained in any science; since numerous hypotheses may be devised, which shall seem to overcome new difficulties. Hence it has been here thought necessary to lay aside all hypotheses, as foreign to the purpose, that the force of the objection should be abstractly considered, and, receive a more full and general answer.

15 On this occasion, as usual, Newton expressed his distaste for hypotheses and the 'vain disputes' they provoke, and denied having earlier assumed the hypothesis of the corporeity of light ascribed to him by Robert Hooke. Still insisting as he had three years before 16 that his discovery of the properties of light stands independently of any of the numerous mechanical hypotheses which might explain his findings, for the sake of those who cannot understand them without some illustrative model, he agrees 'to proceed to the hypothesis' (of the aether) .

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