Hegel's Dialectic, 1st Edition by Andries Sarlemijn

By Andries Sarlemijn

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There have been a number of studies that consider Baumgartcn's inRuence 011 Kant', precritical ethics. though these tcnd to overlook any inRuence upon the Observlltions and the Remarks. See. I,)r instance. Schmucker [961. Henrich 1963 (the first chapter in this volume) and more recently Schwaigcr 1999· Chimerical ethics and flattering moralists 39 To trace this development in Kant's early moral theory, the following is divided into four sections. In the first, I present Baumgarten's original account of imperfect and false moral theories, frequently supplementing it with the much more detailed treatment provided by his student Georg Friedrich Meier in the expansive Philosophische Sittenlehre, which was faithfully modeled after the Ethica and was intended to make Baumgarten's ethical teaching more generally accessible.

Volition" < Wollen> is only a general concept, "a volitional power yet something determined" (CMet §447). There must therefore be drives that make any volition for something possible. And even if many drives can be traced back to others, they must all still be preceded by certain constant basic drives in the soul. These direct themselves toward an object, the image of which must therefore be inherent. It is immanent to the drive and is not the product of the intellect's activity. The drive of conscience underlies all moral ends and the acts by which they are willed.

E Essay. yet merely half a year later in the text, An Attempt to Introduce the Concept oINegat;ue Quantities into Metaphysics (VBn). A completely analogous distinction regarding the problem of the good preceded it. An investigation dedicated to Kant's earliest studies ofHume is still lacking. There is certainly evidence of rhis study (cf. Borowski [9[2), hut it is difficult to document sources apart from Hume's anthropological essays. DIETER HEN RICH Thus concludes the attempt to uncover the historical origin of Kant's ethics.

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