Handbook of Imune Response Genes by Tak W. Mak, John J. L. Simard (auth.)

By Tak W. Mak, John J. L. Simard (auth.)

The research of immunology features a tremendous and ever-growing physique of data that during a way or different comprises so much components of scientific organic learn. because the physique of data within the scientific sciences maintains to extend its expense of enlargement, one of many maximum demanding situations to investigators should be to combine this knowledge in a way that's intellectually fruitful and effective. contemplating the meant scope of this article, shall we no longer faux to have long gone too a long way towards attaining such an integration--and contemplating the velocity of swap, in its best possible shape a measured approximation of such lofty pursuits can be the main lets wish for. however, in those pages we've got sought to provide a suite of data that's straight away concise and updated relating to components the place vital advancements are impacting at the manner we comprehend the vertebrate immune method. moreover, even supposing the knowledge is aimed toward complicated learn, now we have mentioned a few easy components and ideas that we are hoping make the textual content an invaluable source for either the immunologist and the nonspecialist. The goal is to supply the researcher, clinician, or complicated undergraduate scholar with a quick ov- view of particular elements of the immune approach, and to supply a spot from which to start additional specific examine if helpful. To this finish, we made each attempt to provide wide referencing--although barriers in area avoided exhaustive or entire referencing in a few cases.

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3 {Continued) HLA-DP alleles Associated HLA-DP specificities DPB 1*2901 DPB 1*3001 DPB1*3101 DPB 1*3201 DPB1*3301 DPB 1*3401 DPB1*3501 DPB 1*3601 DPB 1*3701 DPB 1*3801 DPB 1*3901 DPB 1*4001 DPB1*4101 DPB 1*4401 DPB 1*4501 DPB 1*4601 DPB 1*4701 DPB 1*4801 DPB 1*4901 DPB1*5(X)1 DPBI*5101 DPB 1*5201 DPB 1*5301 DPB 1*5401 DPB 1*5501 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Previous equivalents DPB27,NewG DPB 28 DPB22,NewFJAVAl DPB24,NewI DPB25 DPB 26 DPB29 NewA,SSK2 DPB18WA4 SSK! *SUT — — — DPBl*WA7,*EAl,*JYO — — DPBl New2 DPBl New3 Accession number M84625, M83918, L01467 M84620, X78045 M846I8, M83917.

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