Growth and Defect Structures by Yu. M. Tairov, V. F. Tsvetkov (auth.), Prof. Dr. H. C.

By Yu. M. Tairov, V. F. Tsvetkov (auth.), Prof. Dr. H. C. Freyhardt, Georg Müller (eds.)

Polytypic crystals of semiconductors, dielectrics and magnetic fabrics allure an expanding recognition in technology and know-how. On one hand, the phenomenon of polyty­ pism is among the primary difficulties of solid-state physics; its answer might give the opportunity to explain- the matter of the interconnection of other constructions and intraatomic forces performing in crystals. nonetheless, the polytypic distinction in crystals is such a lot strongly expressed in electro-physical houses, which makes their program promising, often in semiconductor electronics. therefore, the problems of professional­ ducing modulated buildings in polytypic crystals might be conquer considering the fact that those crystals shape a category of one-dimensional common superlattices. at this time it has turn into transparent that polytypism in crystals and compounds is the guideline instead of an exception and it really is made up our minds by way of the stipulations in their synthesis. This phenomenon looks relatively common in nature and primary for crystal forma­ tion. H polytypism was once lately considered yet a selected structural characteristic of some elements reminiscent of SiC, ZnS, CdI , and so forth. , through now this phenomenon has been chanced on in 2 v an expanding variety of crystalline elements, for instance, in silicon, diamond, AIIIB , VI AIIB , AIBVII compounds, in ternary semiconducting compounds, metals, silicates, perovskites, mica, natural crystals. The extra properly the structural reviews are in line with­ shaped, the higher is the variety of crystals of varied ingredients discovered to convey the phenomenon of polytypism. lately, first-class surveys have systematized our wisdom of polytypism.

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1 Inhomogeneous Splitting of Ln3+ Ion Spectral Lines in Garnet-Structure Crystals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 2 "Octahedral" Spectra of Rare Earth Ions in Garnet Crystals . . . 3 Effect of "Mutual Influence" of Rare Earth Ions in Crystals of Mixed Rare Earth Garnets . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 63 71 7 Investigation of Structural Transformations in Crystals by Raman Spectroscopy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Investigation of Solid-Solution (1 - x) Zr02-~03 Structures .

In this case, the initial spherical symmetry decreases and a new symmetry arises corresponding to one of the 32 point groups. As a result, each initially (21 + 1)-fold degenerate level splits into a series of components (internal Stark effect). The number of components is determined by the parity of the state and the field symmetry. g. in3). The calculation of the LnH -ion level energies can be performed using the crystalfield-theory method. This theory considers the metal ion residing in the electric field created by the surrounding lattice ions.

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