Gravitational waves in Einstein's theory by Zakharov V.D.

By Zakharov V.D.

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C. c. d. d. d. d. d. 11m 01s — November 11, 1901 11m 37s — November 22, 1919 12m 00s — December 2, 1937 12m 09s — December 14, 1955 12m 03s — December 24, 1973 11m 41s — January 4, 1992 11m 08s — January 15, 2010 10m 27s — January 26, 2028 9m 42s — February 5, 2046 Note: All solar eclipses with long durations of annularity have dates centered around January 3, the mean date for the Earth at perigee (closest to the Sun), when the Sun appears slightly larger in size and is harder for the Moon to cover.

5 On rare occasions in mythology, the Sun and Moon are not totally innocent victims. In a variant Hindu myth, the Sun and Moon once borrowed money from a member of the savage D . om tribe and failed to pay it back. 6 The Original Black Holes In two instances, the hungry monster who swallows the Sun or Moon becomes quite scientifically sophisticated in character. A western Armenian myth, said to be borrowed from the Persians, tells of two dark bodies, the children of a primeval ox. These dark bodies orbit the Earth closer than the Sun and Moon.

When the two come together, there is a solar eclipse, but only briefly. The Sun and 44 _ Totality Moon begin to reproach one another and fall to quarreling. Soon they go their separate ways, the Sun blood-red with anger. It was not always a fight between the Sun and Moon that caused an eclipse. Sometimes it was love, and modesty. The Tlingit Indians of the Pacific coast in northern Canada explained a solar eclipse as the Moon-wife’s visit to her husband. Across the continent, in southeastern Canada, the Algonquin Indians also envisioned the Sun and Moon as loving husband and wife.

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