Geomechanics and Fluidodynamics: With Applications to by Victor N. Nikolaevskiy

By Victor N. Nikolaevskiy

This monograph is predicated on subsurface hydrodynamics and utilized geomechanics and areas them in a unifying framework. It specializes in the certainty of actual and mechanical homes of geomaterials by means of proposing mathematical versions of deformation and fracture with comparable experiments.

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1 08) gives the following two relations: (p~ + H)(I +sin tp. 1 05). 13). Figure I. I 3. Stress conditions at slip surface as the Morh circles intersection. 4); bulk,

The constitutive law (1. 78) is the incremental flow rule, and it cannot be integrated separately from the equilibrium equations - that is, the constitutive law of plasticity is nonholonomic [144]. Only in the case of proportional loading (to any single parameter) DEFORMATION AND FRACTURE OF GEOMATERIALS 23 at all boundaries (for example, aijnj = f;(t)) the corresponding state equation may be found, but it will be not the same one for other variants of boundary conditions. 22). 3. EXPERIMENTAL DILATANCY OF ROCKS Let us examine, the typical process of triaxial deformation of limestone sample, represented in Figure 1.

51) for the elementary volume, A V, of the body. The fracturing process is usually identified with the loss or changes of the bearing capacity of the rock masses. Correspondingly, the thermodynamical analysis has to be performed for a whole body. Let us introduce a symbolic total load P and a total displacement A, together with the total internal energy 'E and heat flux Q [ 177]. Then the first law of thermodynamics is formulated as PdA. 158) where T is the mean body temperature. 160) if the isothermal case (T =To) is considered.

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