Genetic Counseling: A Guide for the Practicing Physician by Walter Fuhrmann

By Walter Fuhrmann

"An ounce of prevention is worthy a pound of medication" In drugs the reality of this assertion is so self-evident that it's easily taken with no consideration; and but it has develop into mere lip-service for plenty of a physician, in view that his paintings is sort of solely all for the therapy of these who're already in poor health. this is applicable not just to the therapy of sufferers yet much more to that of complete households. Many medical professionals are as but unaware that the looks of great, occasionally deadly ailments will be kept away from via combating the concep­ tion of ill people. Our wisdom of genetics allows the rather exact prediction, in line with statistical likelihood, of the recurrence of genetic defects (anomalies) and illnesses inside households. Our sufferers are usually acutely aware that such predictions are pos­ sible. so one can hinder the start of faulty youngsters they fight to notify themselves. besides the fact that, within the perform of the person health care professional this type of inquiry doesn't happen with such frequency that he's compelled to trouble himself systematically with those difficulties.

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The fact that the parents are not related does not exclude an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance. In genetic family counseling, one of the recurrent questions is the inquiry as to the probability that an individual who has affected siblings is himself heterozygous for the defective gene. Let us assume that the clinical diagnosis has been established beyond reasonable doubt, and that the defect is hereditary and autosomal recessive, as for instance, in a case of phenylketonuria (F011ing's disease).

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This percentage multiplied by 1/2 will give the probability figures for affected children from this union. Should a sick child be born, it means that the partner is definitely heterozygous 42 and every future child is subject to the 50% probability that it, too, will be affected. A marriage between two homozygotes for the same defective gene can only result in sick children, since neither partner possesses a normal allele at this particular gene locus. An apparent exception to this rule occurs (excluding the possibility of illegitimacy) if both partners have a clinically identical autosomal recessive disease where the causal defect is traceable to different gene loci.

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