Gender, Work, and Labour Markets, Edition: First Edition by Sue Hatt

By Sue Hatt

Males and women's particular roles in effective job impact their fiscal independence. The publication makes use of uncomplicated fiscal ideas to investigate the diversities among women and men who're in employment, are unemployed or are non-participant in labour markets. the level to which household tasks impact labour industry participation varies significantly among women and men with implications for his or her advertising clients and their gains. This ebook considers the coverage implications of the several financial roles of guys and ladies.

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British manufacturing industry has found it increasingly hard to sell its output as it has faced growing competition from overseas producers. Over the last 30 years there has been a significant fall in the demand for British manufactured goods. Britain used to be regarded as 'the workshop of the world' and its traditional trade pattern was to export manufactured goods to pay for imports of raw materials and other primary products. Industrial machinery, ships and motor vehicles would be exported 20 Gender, Work and Labour Markets to earn the foreign exchange needed to pay for imports of rubber, wheat, butter and copper.

This dissimilarity in opportunity costs forms the basis of the neo-classical analysis of the domestic division of labour. One hour's housework for a man involves a larger loss of earnings than one hour's housework performed by a woman. Assuming that it is possible to value the goods and services produced by men and women within the household in terms of their equivalent market value, then estimates can be made of the monetary worth of the meals Housework, Childcare and Employment 43 cooked, the clothes washed and the cleaning tasks performed.

As the participation rate has fallen so too the size of the male working population has diminished. 3: Participation Rates in Great Britain per cent Year Men Women Married Women 1975 1981 1985 1990 1992 93 90 89 88 87 62 64 66 72 72 59 61 62 71 73 Source: General Household Survey, 1992 The total number of men available for employment has experienced a slight decline over the last 30 years. 2. In Britain 'he number of male employees in employment fell by nearly 3 million between 1964 and 1990. As the shift in the supply of male labour has been slight this in itself is insufficient to explain the reduction in male employment; demand factors too have contributed to this change.

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