Fragments: Essays in Subjectivity, Individuality and by Pedro Blas Gonzalez

By Pedro Blas Gonzalez

Seven nuanced and delicate essays draw readers into an introspective trip with references to Camus, Cocteau, Gabriel Marcel, Ortega, and Enrique Anderson.
Eschewing hair-splitting for the game of it, Gonzalez takes a clean examine the concept of subjectivity and the character of the self, in seven essays.
With connection with Camus, Cocteau, Gabriel Marcel, Ortega, and Enrique Anderson Imbert, he explores different subject matters from the cultured imaginative and prescient and ethical braveness to the absurd.
His nuanced and delicate writing attracts the reader on an introspective trip via a portal that subtly shifts the notion of human truth.

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Or is it perhaps that this business-as-usual regimen is precisely the spiteful condition that shuns a life of remembrance? It seems that human life is framed by two equally absurd notions: Being and Non-being. For he who “exists” and makes nothing of it, there can never be the kind of dilemma of which I am writing. But to fully understand that “I am now” and yet that “I will not be” any longer in a given time in the future only leaves us with a paradoxical belief that we life forever. This momentary illusion occurs for the perplexing reason that we never encounter our own death.

Perhaps we can even say that this flowing of time that culminates in our eventual death is nothing other than the temporal allowance that death concedes to life for the running of the latter’s course. This is said to be the case because limitation is always at the heart of what it means to be human. Human mortality cannot be separated from consciousness and the awareness of time that the latter enables us to develop. Death is perhaps better understood not so much as something that occurs to us, but rather as something 38 Essays in Subjectivity that we embody.

22 Essays in Subjectivity the relationship that is forged between reason and crass immorality. Articulated in perhaps different terms, this relationship can be said to be that of a philosophical subjective journey undertaken by someone who has not delved too deeply into the queasy aspects of human life and the blind dictates of chance. Yet this is precisely what Ambler posits: the more Latimer views himself as being in control, the more ruthless and deceptive that his fate seems. Upon his arrival in Sophia, Latimer confides to Marukakis: As you know, I write detective stories.

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