Feminism and Postmodernism (A Boundary 2 Book) by Margaret Ferguson

By Margaret Ferguson

This number of essays explores the numerous agreements and tensions among modern feminist and postmodern theories and practices. Having introduced huge, immense adjustments to conceptions of the physique, identification, and the media, postmodernity compels the rethinking of many feminist different types, together with girl adventure, the self, and the idea that "the own is political." Feminist research has been both vital, notwithstanding no longer regularly both said, as a strength inside postmodernism. Feminist writings on subjectivity, grasp narratives, and the socioeconomic underpinnings of the grasp narrative of thought itself were rather influential. This quantity lines the crossings and mutual interrogations of those traditions into the arenas of cultural creation, criminal discourse, and philosophical thought.
Multidisciplinary and foreign of their collective concentration, the essays diversity from a examine of Madonna as an Italian American girl who's revising the cultural meanings of an ethnic feminism to a distinct interview with Mairead Keane, the nationwide head of the Women’s division of the Irish political social gathering Sinn Fein. Turning the prism of postmodern feminism onto such different cultural items as literary and literary serious texts, modern movie, and track, those essays interfere in debates relating to know-how, sexuality, and politics. tough smooth feminisms to articulate their inescapable relation to postmodern society, this extended version of a different factor of boundary 2 additionally explores ways that feminism can paintings because the leading edge of a world postmodernism.

Contributors. Salwa Bakr, Claire Detels, Margaret Ferguson, Carla Freccero, Marjorie Garber, Barbara Harlow, Laura E. Lyons, Anne McClintock, Toril Moi, Linda Nicholson, Mary Poovey, Andrew Ross, David Simpson, Kathyrn Bond Stockton, Jennifer Wicke

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9. The case of Moorev. "The CaliforniaSupreme Courtruledin 1990 that John Mooredid not have proprietaryrights to his spleen, whichwas surgicallyremovedin 1976. While law is by no means the only arena where such negotiations are taking place-as my earlier examples should demonstrate-I do think that the law may be a criticalarena for feminists to examine. I say this for the following reasons: (1) As an institutiondedicated to maintainingcontinuity with the past, the law is particularlyresistant to change.

7 The fantasies of rebirthin the films with which I began participate in this effortto forge new myths for success by appropriatingthe traitsassociated with femininity,as do spokesmen for the men's movement, like Robert Bly and Sam Keen. Thus, the hero of City Slickers plays midwife to a calf to heal himself, and Robert Bly encourages his would-be IronJohn to "overcome ... his fear of wildness, irrationality, . . "8 It is by no means obvious that the corporate executives' appropriation of feminine traitsto negotiate the transitionto postmodernitywillbe any more beneficial to women than is the humanist defense against postmodernism.

He takes orders from a little boy (with a knowingwink at KindergartenCop), he learns, he makes (clumsy) jokes, he even evokes (and almost expresses) feelings. This Terminator,in fact, is, in some ways, more human than the woman he is forced to workwith. Whereas Schwarzenegger's character has softened considerably in the sequel to the first Terminatormovie, Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor has become as emotionally hard as her muscles. This machine can never be a man, but because he is so faithful,so reliable, and because he chooses at the end to sacrifice himself for the boy, this Terminator can stand in for the father the boy has never known and, in so doing, he can symbolicallyfather the human race, which, withouthim, would have ceased to exist.

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