Family Therapy: An Interactional Approach by Maurizio Andolfi

By Maurizio Andolfi

Dr. Maurizio Andolfi, "Andi" to my puppy and me, is likely one of the fourth­ iteration kinfolk remedy theorists. This ebook, which he calls "interac­ tional," is perhaps one you wouldn't take pleasure in. perhaps you'll supply it to a rival colleague on his birthday. Combining the lessons of Zwerling and Laperriere with Ferber is complicated. upload to Horney research and stir with oz of Minuchin and a dram of Haley, and Andolfi turns into distracting to his pals and associates. His paintings with Can­ crini reacculturated him a little bit, yet a Roman is a Roman, and, in fact, he couldn't comprehend such difficulties as these we overcome within the usa. Assuming your rival is a well-trained, cause-and-effect philosopher, you may locate how you can watch him squirm. If he has now not attempted paradoxical tools, anticipate him to take a protracted holiday from paintings. If he's already a very good relatives therapist, he could turn into a piece hypomanic, and his staff might consult you in inner most. inspire them to indicate that he paintings tougher and prevent interpreting the e-book or, greater nonetheless, donate it to the social­ paintings institution library; they're going to learn something. If the workforce complains that the e-book advises instructing ailing households the way to be their very own therapists, face up to any impulse to examine this out. No kin may possibly turn into self­ reparative whilst it's already dysfunctional. we all know that pro assistance is the single desire.

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40 CHAPTER ONE picked up that language. I don't dare ask him to do anything around the house-he won't even go to buy bread for me. If Piero wasn't there to give me a hand, I don't know how I'd manage (looking proudly at Piero). (in angelic tone of voice): But Ada, you see, Piero is four years older than Sandro. You have to let the "little one" have what he needs. AUNT The alliances between the mother and Piero and between the aunt and Sandro emerge. At this point, these alliances seem to serve in avoiding a direct confrontation between the two sisters.

FATHER: Yes, that's all true, but I'm not going to eat chicory, even if you kill me .... SANDRO: FATHER: The second question is hygiene. You know what I mean! How come your mother has to wait on you hand and foot as though you were a baby? 2°Restructuring space is a simple and effective way of exploring or activating relationships among the family members and provides information about the family's preferred transactional patterns. The use of space, an essential aspect of nonverbal communication, will be examined in Chapter 3.

19The therapist should never become involved in keeping family secrets. " He must create an open and frank atmosphere from the beginning of therapy, avoiding any complicity. Such an atmos- FORMATION OF THE THERAPEUTIC SYSTEM 35 Despite the mother's doubts, the whole Valeri family comes to the first session: father, mother, Sandro, Piero (Sandro's 17-year-old brother), and a maternal aunt (who has lived with the family since she was widowed). After about half an hour, the picture appears more complex than described by the mother on the telephone.

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