Evolutionary Pathways in Nature A Phylogenetic Approach by Avice J

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7A. An entirely different view emerged later from phylogenetic analyses of mtDNA sequences. According to this new molecular evidence, the False Gharial had incorrectly been assigned to the Crocodilidae, and instead constituted a close sister lineage of the True Gharial (as shown in Fig. 7B). Thus, there seemed to be a flagrant discord between molecules and morphology with regard to the phylogenetic placement of True and False Gharials in the crocodilian tree. 7. , 2003). (A) The traditional scenario based on phylogenetic analyses of many morphological characters.

Alternatively, the morphology-based estimate might be in error and the mitochondrial phylogeny correctly reflects the species’ tree. A third possibility is that mitochondrial and morphological traits Loss of limbs on the reptile tree 39 both correctly record crocodilian phylogeny but that one or the other data set was improperly interpreted. A fourth possibility is that both available data sets imply an incorrect topology for the crocodilian tree. Deciding between such possibilities demands additional genetic information and further analyses.

Thus, any rare dexter in a sinistral population, or any rare sinister in a dextral population, would be at a significant reproductive disadvantage because of a paucity of mating partners. So, natural selection is not even-handed with regard to handedness. Theoreticians have modeled this situation and shown that a form of frequency-dependent selection often tends to eliminate the chiral minority from 30 Anatomical structures any snail population that may have been polymorphic for dextral and sinistral shells.

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