Evolutionary Biology: Volume 7 by J. William Schopf (auth.), Theodosius Dobzhansky, Max K.

By J. William Schopf (auth.), Theodosius Dobzhansky, Max K. Hecht, William C. Steere (eds.)

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D. P. Stewart at the Eleventh International 38 J. William Schopf Botanical Congress in Seattle and was reinforced by our subsequent correspondence. Discussions with Dr. J. P. Thornber have contributed significantly to my understanding of the events in biochemical evolution that may have led from the earliest heterotrophs to the origin of the Cyanophyta. Dr. R. Kozlowski generously provided samples of Ordovician chert containing Schizothrichites ordoviciensis (Fig. 5). Photomicrographs of Precambrian cyanophytes were kindly provided by Dr.

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