Eventfulness in British Fiction (Narratologia: Contributions by Peter Hühn

By Peter Hühn

An occasion, outlined because the decisive flip, the fantastic aspect within the plot of a story, constitutes its tellability, the inducement for analyzing it. This ebook describes a framework for a narratological definition of eventfulness and its dependence at the ancient, socio-cultural and literary context. a sequence of fifteen analyses of British novels and stories, from overdue medieval and early sleek instances to the past due twentieth century, demonstrates how this idea might be placed into perform for a brand new, particularly contextual interpretation of the primary relevance of those texts. The examples contain Chaucer´s ""Miller´s Tale"", Behn´s ""Oroonoko"", Defoe´s ""Moll Flanders"", Richardson´s ""Pamela"", Fielding´s ""Tom Jones"", Dickens´s ""Great Expectations"", Hardy's ""On the Western Circuit"", James´s ""The Beast within the Jungle"", Joyce´s ""Grace"", Conrad´s ""Shadow-Line"", Woolf´s ""Unwritten Novel"", Lawrence´s ""Fanny and Annie"", Mansfield´s ""At the Bay"", Fowles´s ""Enigma"" and Swift´s ""Last Orders"". this option is concentrated at the transitional interval from 19th-century realism to 20th-century modernism simply because in the course of those many years conventional techniques of what counts as an occasion have been variously problematized; consequently, those texts offer a very attention-grabbing box for trying out the analytical capability of the time period of eventfulness.

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This is particularly evident in the characteristics represented by the man: chivalrous courage and political capacity to rule as well as social dexterity, but also in the dignity, grace, modesty and refinement of the woman. These ideal characteristics, motivated by the strength and purity of their love for one another, make it possible for them to overcome all obstacles and to withstand all attacks. The script clearly relates to a particular social and cul_____________ 4 5 6 As well as, incidentally, in the German Baroque novel.

Gallagher’s (1996) thesis that Oroonoko, as a result of this self-fragmentation, becomes, in line with the two bodies theory of kings, “all the more singularly immortal” (253) is difficult to follow through. 40 Peter Hühn possible – the lovers experience a negative border crossing into absolute annihilation. This is the central event of the tale – instead of a transition to the condition of their love’s eventual fulfilment, both characters, and their love, are extinguished. That Oroonoko feels forced to kill his wife and that he is then incapable of carrying out his revenge signal the depth of this failure and the magnitude of his strategic collapse in the face of these enemies.

This contextualisation seems very forced: neither the interpretation of the carpenter (and the miller) as representatives of the peasants, nor the use of the language of the natural as applied to agriculture are convincing. Cf. ), and Mitchell (2004: esp. ). “What a power may lie in perturbation! ”. 24 Peter Hühn The decisive value of reason as a guiding authority in this model of behaviour emerges clearly from the variously articulated criticisms of madness (“woodnesse”, 345229 ; “madde”, 3557ff.

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