Estructuras algebraicas VI: Formas cuadraticas (Coleccion de by Francisco M Piscoya H.

By Francisco M Piscoya H.

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49 Not true: Herodotus made no such claim at all. Finally, some writers claim that ancient coins connect Pythagoras to geometry. Silver coins from the ancient Greek city of Abdera (ca. ” Specialists note that the name refers to the magistrate who issued the coins. Still, owing to the name’s similarity to “Pythagoras,” some writers guess that such images portray Pythagoras of Samos. For example, Christiane Joost-Gaugier speculates that the magistrate probably flattered himself by using the image of Pythagoras.

No, by using the properties of triangles, geometers have shown that these two lines are incommensurable. A N I R R AT I O N A L M U R D E R AT S E A 21 irrationality first discovered? We just don’t know. Actually, we don’t even know whether Hippasus discovered any such thing! ”20 But that was just not true at all. Von Fritz gave no example of anyone who attributed the discovery to Hippasus. Therefore, one historian objected that von Fritz’s claim “seems to me to be devoid of all foundation. So far from being unanimous, the tradition is, I believe, non-existent.

No line segment, however small, can fit neatly into both the diameter and the side in integer multiples). Von Fritz put together several bits of evidence to claim that this pentagon-pentagram procedure was the likely way in which Hippasus discovered that some lines cannot be represented by ratios of whole numbers. ”18 But such factoids are not at all evidence of what the Pythagoreans thought or did in the time of Hippasus. The bottom line is that von Fritz gave guesswork, not a historical finding.

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