Enzymes of Lipid Metabolism by R. M. C. Dawson (auth.), Shimon Gatt, Louis Freysz, Paul

By R. M. C. Dawson (auth.), Shimon Gatt, Louis Freysz, Paul Mandel (eds.)

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5a). 5a, which was obtained by gated decoupling (9), shows a triplet of methylene carbon indicating the presence of two hydrogen atoms on it. The resonance of carboxylic carbon was also split into a triplet,which was due to the longrange coupling effect of protons on the methylene carbon. 5b shows the spectrum of tetradeuteromalonic acid in DzO. The resonance of methylene carbon was split into a quintet due to coupling with two deuterium atoms. 5c, which suggested the exchange of the two hydrogens on the methylene carbon with DzO.

24, 1095- THE ROLE OF SOLUBLE ACYL-THIOESTER HYDRO LASE IN FATTY ACID CHAINLENGTH TERMINATION IN RABBIT MAMMARY GLAND AND LIVER Jens Knudsen a , Linda Chivers b and Raymond Dils c INTRODUCTION The fatty acid composition of milk triacylglycerols (triglycerides) varies considerably between species (see Morrison (1970) for review). The fatty acid composition for a particular species is the overall result of the types of fatty acids taken up by the gland and of the types of fatty acids synthesized de novo within the gland.

Adding increasing concentrations of one of these acyl-CoA in the presence of constant amount of the others gives rise to identical curves. Results and kinetics are those obtained in the presence of only one acyl-CoA. These results explain why both saturated and mono-unsaturated very long chains are effected in the Quaking ; they give an explanation to the w-9 fraction of myelin very long mono-unsaturated chains (as w-9 oleyl-CoA is the primer). FATTY ACID BIOSYNTHESIS DURING BRAIN DEVELOPMENT 21 MITOCHONDRIAL ELONGATING SYSTEM In this organelle, contradictory results have been obtained in various organs.

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