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The paintings outlines an in depth blueprint for the construction of a man-made normal Intelligence process with strength on the human point and eventually past, in keeping with the Cog best AGI layout and the Open Cog software program structure.

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So the forgetting process should prioritize the removal of clusters of highly interconnected Atoms whenever possible. In that case, it’s possible that a large subset of those Atoms will only have relations within the cluster, so their proxies aren’t needed and the memory savings are maximized. 5 Specialized Knowledge Stores Some specific kinds of knowledge are best stored in specialized data structures, which allow big savings in space, query time, or both. The information provided by these specialized stores isn’t as flexible as it would be if the knowledge were stored in full fledged Node and Link form, but most of the time CogPrime doesn’t need the fully flexible format.

For instance, grab the most important Atoms from the AtomSpace and do shallow PLN reasoning to derive immediate conclusions from them is a natural job for a MindAgent. But do search to find entities that satisfy this particular predicate P is a natural job for a Task. Tasks have AttentionValues and target MindAgents. When a Task is created it is submitted to the appropriate Unit and then put in a priority queue. The Unit will schedule some resources to processing the more important Tasks, as we’ll see next.

MindAgents whose implementation is a poor fit for the collaborative processing in small increments design described above also should be given their own process, so they don’t interfere with the overall dynamics in that machine. 3. MindAgents whose priority is either much higher or much lower than that of other agents in the same machine should be given their own process, so operating system-level scheduling can be relied upon to reflect those very different priority levels. 3 Tasks It is not convenient for CogPrime to do all its work directly via the action of MindAgent objects embodying CIM-Dynamics.

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