Energy Storage Systems by B. Kılkış, S. Kakaç (auth.), Birol Kılkısş, Sadık Kakaç

By B. Kılkış, S. Kakaç (auth.), Birol Kılkısş, Sadık Kakaç (eds.)

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Arpaci VS and Clark JA: Dynamic Response of Heat Exchangers Having Internal Heat Sources Fart III. Transactions, ASME, Series C, Journal of Heat Transfer, Vol. 81, pp. 253-266, 1959. 6. Yang W-J and Lee CF: Modeling of a Heat-Pipe Operated Thermal Storage Device. ASHRAE Transactions, Vol. 82, Fart I, PP. 634-643, 1976. 35 NOMENCLATURE a heat transfer area, m2 or cross sectional area as seen in Fig. kg- 1 B heat transfer area/volume, m-1 b UA /( PCpV ) f ' W·kg Cp spec~ A h hsf k 1 M T t U u x -1 -1 'f'~c h eat, .

S)q' N q. S)/1T' Ys. YR' Thus, there are nine independent variables in the model. 8. D"cription Qf. &:Ja Optimization Study. Numerous design problems can be posed by selecting different set. of the nine independent variables. , (.... / . ,NTU, Pr, and k. ,~. _. ( .... / . ). ~. pecified for each system. )a~T (an operational variable), and the number of transfer unit •• (NTU)o~T (a design variable) were computed by an optimization code. GRG2. ("Optimal values" are defined here those values which minimize the value of the figure of merit.

Tem i. idered to b. torage material, it is capabl. of storing more energy. n by energy actually stored in the ] system during the storage period maximum possible energy that could have been stored 1n the system during the same period [ 1), - When this efficiency i. torag. ibl. t •• heat C, we (2) where To i. the temperature of the surrounding. and T, i. ystem. The po. sible value. of ~z range from greater than 0 to less than 1. The upper limit of ~z~l can b. approached by controlling the design and operational variable.

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