Encyclopedia of Modern Separatist Movements by Christopher Hewitt

By Christopher Hewitt

These informative entries learn the whole variety of contemporary separatist hobbies and insurgencies on the earth at the present time, together with assurance of comparable organisations, events, campaigns, political occasions, and leaders.

• An introductory essay defines and explains ethnic separatist and unification hobbies, together with reasons and outcomes

• A chronology locations occasions in old perspective

• insurance is better via illustrations and unique maps

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Its task will be to investigate the demonstrative production of knowledge within λόγος, the demonstration effected through the gathering of λόγοι in συλλογισμός. Carrying out this task requires examining the various ways in which λόγοι, considered formally, can be gathered into συλλογισμοί so as to produce knowledge; that is, the task is to investigate the σχήματα of the συλλογισμός, the figures of the syllogism, as they will be called in the discipline that will be called logic. What is required in the case of ἐπαγωγή, the other way of proceeding with reference to λόγος, is less immediately evident, in part because it remains less developed in Aristotle’s texts.

Plato, Republic 454a. 6. , 479b–c. 30 logic of imagination the beautiful and the ugly—as they are two and each is one—exclude one another. And, finally, it cannot be neither, since it looks beautiful and ugly. The result is that sensible things cannot be regarded as stable conjunctions of being and not-being, as lesser beings, so to speak, that have been compromised by an admixture of not-being. Rather, the mixing of being and not-being has the effect of dissolving all determinacy as such, as becomes evident when, instead of considering only how things look, recourse is had to λόγος and things are addressed by name.

9. , 1006b21–23. 10 Nonetheless, at the beginning of the Posterior Analytics he introduces this discipline as the teaching and learning that has to do with λόγος, that is occupied with λόγος, that is carried out in reference to λόγος (περὶ τοὺς λόγους). Aristotle indicates that there are two such disciplines or at least two different ways by which to proceed: by συλλογισμός and by ἐπαγωγή. 11 In the case of συλλογισμός, it is assumed that the audience accepts the premises, which function therefore as something known beforehand.

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