Electronic Excitations in Condensed Rare Gases (Springer by Nikolaus Schwentner, Ernst-Eckhard Koch, Joshua Jortner

By Nikolaus Schwentner, Ernst-Eckhard Koch, Joshua Jortner

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10. High r e s o l u t i o n absorption spectra f o r s o l i d Ar, Kr and Xe in the range o f the valence excitons. Volume and surface excitons are observed f o r a l l three samples. For Ar and Kr the r e s u l t s o f surface coverage experiments are also shown. For Xe the e x p e r i m e n t a l l y determined spectrum in the range o f the n = I surface and volume e x c i t o n is displayed on an expanded scale together w i t h a lineshape a n a l y s i s using two Lorentzians ( a f t e r S a i l e /1976/) Fig.

2 1000 hv leVi Fi~. 12. Absorption c o e f f i c i e n t of s o l i d ( ) and gaseous ( - - - ) Kr determined by reflectance /Haensel et a l . , 1970c; Skibowski, 1971/ and absorption measurements /Haensel et a l . , 1969b/. ( . . . ) Samson /1963/; (o o o) Rustgi et al. /1964/; ( . ) L u k i r s k i i et a l . /1964/; (. . -) Cook and Metzger /1965/; ~ . . between 15 and 20 eV Huffmann et a l . /1963/ (from Sonntag /1977/) Therefore, the sharp f i n e structure at the onset of absorption, previously i n terpreted in terms of conduction-band density of states, was a t t r i b u t e d to discrete e x c i t o n i c t r a n s i t i o n s .

An important aspect is the fact that they allow a direct labeling of the f i r s t few layers of an adsorbed multilayer configuration. For instance, these binding energy shifts have been used to obtain information for a roughening transition in adsorbed xenon multilayers on palladium /Miranda et a l . , 1983/ and to study the dispersion of the Xe valence-band states in a layer by layer way for Xe on AI(111) /Mandel et a l . , 1982/. In Fig. 2 eV) from a monolayer, a bilayer, and a t r i l a y e r Xe/Al (111) are shown /Mandel et a l .

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