Easily into DOS by Peter Gosling (auth.)

By Peter Gosling (auth.)

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New file * Key in I and you can now enter (Insert) text into the file a line at a time, separating each line with a Return 14. Key in one 1:*one * 47 ···-------------- 15. Action Result Key in two 1:one 2:two * 16. Key in three 1:one 2:two 3:three * And so on until you have a ten-line file with each word on a separate line: 17. Finally key in ten 1:one 2:two 3:three 4:four 5:five 6:six 7:seven 8:eight 9:nine 10:ten 11:* 18. Key in Ctrl Z. l:one 2:two 3:three 4:four 5:five 6:six 7:seven 8:eight 9:nine 10:ten ll:*"Z 19.

You should notice that all the directories have been copied over intact. If you had tried to do this by using COPY you would also have 39 had to create all the directories in the target disk in order to complete the task. DISKCOPY takes care of that for you. You can check that DISKCOPY has worked correctly by using the DISKCOMP program. In order to use this program you must make sure that you are logged onto a disk that contains the program called DISKCOMP. The command is very similar to the DISKCOPY command.

If you are using 5~ inch floppy disks, you can do this by covering the notch in the side of the cover with one of the pieces of sticky tape supplied in the box of disks. If you are using 3~ inch disks in their plastic case, then make sure that the slider in one of the top corners has been moved to expose the hole. Key in FORMAT B: 2. Place a disk in the drive as requested, close the door and press the ENTER (Return) key. Result Insert new diskette in drive B: and press ENTER when ready Eventually you will get the message Format complete 362496 bytes total disk space 362496 bytes available on disk Format another (Y /N) ?

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