Drug Misuse: Prevention, harm minimization and treatment by Jan Keene

By Jan Keene

Dependence and, moment, to notify approximately prevention, damage minimiza­ tion, therapy and regulate, so that pros can establish, examine and paintings with other kinds of drug misusers. It additionally goals to provide information regarding the wide variety of multidisciplinary and specific­ ist execs who can give a contribution during this box. heritage the traditional Greek note for drug has 3 meanings: a therapy or therapy, a poison and a mystical allure. This booklet will contemplate those meanings within the glossy experience: medications as drugs and as an answer to difficulties; medications as risky to overall healthiness; and medicine as magical and hedonistic. within the fresh prior, coverage and perform directions have usually been in accordance with a false impression of the range and complexity of drug misuse. pros have burdened sorts of drug misuse and/ or tried to compress every kind into one narrowly outlined cate­ gory, i.e. all medicinal drugs are strong or undesirable. this is often the 1st mistake: it's want­ in a position to pass correct again to the traditional Greeks and take a look at to appreciate the variety of other results of substances on varied humans. Practitioners to begin with have to comprehend the complexity of drug misuse so as to increase life like options and build valuable cate­ gories for overview. After this, they're capable of establish sincerely the most dangers and difficulties within the diversified different types and so as to deter­ mine which kind of intervention is best suited.

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Types and patterns of drug misuse Walking down the street thinking 'Please say something to me, anybody', I like it too much, frightening really. I am scripted six tablets of dexamphetamine a day but only take five so I am left with seven at the end of the week which I may take but I may not take. 00am in the mornings I usually take two tablets and two Valium. 00pm I take another two and one Valium. 00pm I take another Valium to go to sleep. 00pm onwards I smoke blow. Last week was not a typical week as I was feeling paranoid.

I think I am more anxious and depressed than most people, but it's a circular thing, I get like this when I use too much. I haven't got worse because of the drugs, it is the other way round, I was always like this. Without my amphetamines I am too tired and I have no power or energy to survive and must have my Valium to sleep at night, as I am afraid to go to sleep in case of fire in the house. As the years progressed I became lonely and more often on my own, a recluse. My friends settled down and had kids but I didn't as I had a drink problem and went to jail a lot, as I was stealing to drink.

Although amphetamine was common to all groups, it was more frequently injected by those who attended drug agencies. Although the difference is fairly small, younger attenders misused proportionally more drugs and the type of drug misuse varied slightly depending on age. The frequency of cannabis and amphetamine is similar across age groups, but LSD and Ecstasy misuse are more common among the 18-20 age group and heroin and cocaine among older respondents. This is also reflected in the small numbers who inject (7%), these being found more commonly among the older respondents.

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