Dictionary of Transactional Analysis (Exc Business And by Tony Tilney

By Tony Tilney

This dictionary offers a key to options utilized by transactional analysts that's obtainable to these new to the sector but additionally has the intensity required for complex reviews.

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Games played at the first degree level result in nothing more than social embarrassment; at the second degree level there are serious consequences such as loss of a job or divorce and at the third degree level they may result in psychiatric hospitalisation, imprisonment, serious physical harm or even death. See GAMES and SCRIPT. mally. This is a reality in childhood. A psychologically healthy adult possesses a high degree of independence but nevertheless has emotional and social needs that must be met through others.

E. be in charge of psychology and object relations psybehaviour). This can be a mixture of choanalysis and also Gestalt therapy. free and unbound energy but the egoSee Erskine and Moursund (1988) and state that is experienced as real self will Erskine and Trautmann (1993). e. you will have chosen to give it the most energy). escape hatch the Child’s three options ‘if things get bad enough I can always/kill English, Fanita transactional analyst. She myself/blame someone else and kill received the Eric Berne Memorial them/go crazy’ are called the three Scientific Award in 1978 for her work escape hatches (Holloway, 1973; on RACKETS, real feelings and the substitution factor (English, 1971, 1972).

This discovery way of describing personality functionParent ego-state Adult ego-state CP – controlling Parent NP – nurturing Parent A – Adult FC – free Child (or natural Child) AC – adapted Child Figure 8 Egogram (Dusay, 1972). 34 Child ego-state Figure 9 PAC (first-order structural analysis of ego-states) (Berne, 1961). ego-state — second-order analysis became the basis of transactional analysis. Berne represented each of the populations of ego-states by a circle to create a diagram of personality structure.

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