Dialectics in Modern Physics by M.E. Omelyanovsky; Translator H.C. Creight

By M.E. Omelyanovsky; Translator H.C. Creight

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In scenes reminiscent of 1807, poorer voters and non-voters conducted the canvass and generated large crowds. Evans was heckled at his meetings and at the declaration of the poll. 105 These ‘New Reformers’ or ‘New Liberals’, as they were termed in the 1860s, sought to create a more inclusive Liberal organization, as would appear later, and were also disappointed in the borough’s failure to recruit a tribune of the stature of Fox or Burdett. 106 By the mid-1860s the New Liberals were ready to fight a parliamentary contest by having managed the 1864 election of Westerton to the Metropolitan Board of Works.

203; PP 1860, Elective Franchise, xii. 1; PP 1861, Registered Electors of Middlesex and Cheshire, l. 791; PP 1866, Population and Electors, lvii. 215; PP 1866, Working Class Electors, lvii. 747; PP 1868–9, Election Expenses, l. 109; PP 1880, Election Charges, 1880, lvii. 53; McCalmont, Parliamentary Poll Book. 36 The Rise and Fall of Radical Westminster, 1780–1890 than any Tory had ever obtained in a Westminster election, while in 1868, when the turnout was double that of some previous elections, Smith was victorious.

40 As there were few other constituencies in the unreformed political system with even a semblance of free opinion, Westminster had a sometimes fatal attraction for plebeian radicals and patricians alike. In a campaign Fox termed ‘contemptible to the last degree’, in 1802 the auctioneer John Graham stood as a radical against the ministerialist Gardner and Fox as well. 41 By now it was clear to many Westminster radicals that Fox and whiggery were rooted in nothing but personal ambition. 1 indicates, support in the borough for a radical alternative to the oligarchic parties was indeed materializing during the late Georgian era.

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