Counselling in General Practice by Roslyn Corney

By Roslyn Corney

Many GPs now hire counsellors to aid them with the mental and emotional difficulties in their sufferers. The members to this ebook have broad event of counsellor attachments and feature been interested in constructing and selling GP counselling on a nation-wide scale. They discover the counsellor's function normally perform and examine the problems concerned, giving useful tips for you to be valuable to these wishing to establish a counselling carrier.

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Counselling is not psychoanalysis, which involves a practitioner trained in analytic theory using specific techniques such as free WHAT IS COUNSELLING? 19 association, interpretation and transference. Psychoanalysis is intensive treatment lasting several years; it is rarely available on the NHS and usually costs a lot of money. Psychotherapy also focuses on the transferential relationships between patient and therapist, although it uses a variety of other methods which distinguish it from psychoanalysis.

The differences between psychotherapy and counselling are usually of orientation and degree rather than being fundamental to the two activities. In counselling there is less emphasis on, though not necessarily less awareness of, the transference between counsellor and client. Counselling tends to be shorter term and problem-centred, focusing on current personal difficulties and life problems, rather than analysis of the deep-seated personal problems dealt with in psychotherapy. While there is a great deal of overlap, it might be argued that the short-term, problem-centred counselling is better suited to general practice settings than psychotherapy.

And Smith, S. (1986) ‘Group treatment of general practice anxiety problems’, Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners 36:114–17. Waydenfeld, D. W. (1980) ‘Counselling in general practice’, Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners 30:671– 7. 44 Chapter 5 The ethics of counselling Rachel Jenkins and Raanan Gillon Why is it important to consider the ethics of counselling? Surely if therapists are people of good character, conscience and integrity, that is enough? Of course good character, conscience and integrity are necessary virtues; however, as we hope to make clear, they are not sufficient in themselves to deal with the conflicts that can arise in any counsellor’s practice.

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