Cosmic Secrets: Basic Features of Reality by Wolfram Schommers

By Wolfram Schommers

We see gadgets in entrance people, and adventure a true fabric impression once we process and contact them. hence, we finish that each one items are embedded in area and exist objectively. although, such studies in way of life can't be transferred to the atomic point: inside usual quantum conception, the fabric global remains to be embedded in area, however it now not has an target life. How can gadgets be embedded in house with out present objectively?

This booklet addresses this and related matters in an illustrative and non-conventional means. utilizing up to date info, the next easy questions are reflected: what's a particle, a quantum item? What do we say in regards to the nature of time? How is fact, particularly the cosmos, shaped? what's the effect of evolution at the discovery of recent advancements during this box? just like the philosophers Whitehead and Bergson, the primacy of technique is recommended: we adventure items - either quantum gadgets and people we event in lifestyle - at sure positions in house, yet every thing is an issue of method and the lifestyles of static gadgets in area is therefore eliminated.

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Also the solutions of Newton’s equation of motion (it is a differential equation) have to be considered as really existing, that is, the possible paths of the mass reflect the deepest ground of reality. This assumption too gives us no problems since we actually observe the movements of the celestial objects; we have them directly in front of us. Therefore, we can assume at the outset that these paths also reflect an absolute fact. Up to this point one can pre-suppose, that the equations of motion with all their elements and solutions reflect the structure of absolute reality and, therefore, actually describe what we have called “absolute truth”.

No, we cannot. Therefore, we may conclude that space and time do not exist in the reality outside. Although this conclusion is straightforward, it must be more justified and underpinned with further arguments and more details. The situation with respect to space and time is very clear: We cannot put a “piece of space” on the table and we can also not put a “piece of time” on the table. Such pieces do not exist. We are not able to observe the elements of space, that is, its coordinates x, y, z and we are also not able to observe the elements of time which we have denoted in Chapter 1 by the letter τ (normally the letter t is used).

Feature 2 We can only say something about distances in connection with masses, and time intervals in connection with the physical processes. There is no exception! July 12, 2011 36 13:58 9in x 6in Cosmic Secrets: Basic Features of Reality b1196-ch02 Cosmic Secrets: Basic Features of Reality Remarks concerning feature 1: Space and time should never be the source for physically real effects as, for example, inertia. This is not fulfilled within Newton’s theory but also not within Einstein’s theory.

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