Controversies and the Metaphysics of Mind by Dr. Yaron M. Senderowicz

By Dr. Yaron M. Senderowicz

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The arguments that are acknowledged by metaphysicians as having the normative status of real metaphysical innovations, involve the recognition of a metaphysical problem for which there is no solution within available conceptual resources. 27 The motives for constructing a metaphysical position cannot be disconnected from the problem that the relevant controversies reveal. I would like to suggest that this is central to Kant’s concept of metaphysics. Actual and imagined metaphysical controversies are inherently involved in the creative activity of constructing metaphysical positions and arguing for them.

In the present chapter, I will point out some features of polemical arguments relevant to my present concern. I will then clarify the features of the main type of polemical argument, the epistemic relevance of which to current metaphysics will be examined in detail throughout this book. The following chapter is dedicated to an account of the concepts of metaphysical intuition and metaphysical thought experiments. The study of arguments is a complex and an expanding field of inquiry. Since my intention here will be to spell out the features of a Kantian antinomy conceived Chapter 2.

In order to clarify Kant’s implicit argument, one must first spell out the main ideas that underlie Kant’s approach to metaphysics. (1) The metaphysical concepts and propositions that articulate metaphysical intuitions (not in Kant’s technical sense) that form the core of our common sense and common practice at a given historical time need not constitute a self-consistent whole.  The conceivability of conflicting metaphysical conceptions is inherent to what is pre-critically conceivable. (2) Metaphysical controversies are the locus of the conflict between these incompatible articulations of intuitions.

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