Complete Guide to Werewolves (d20 System) by Michael Tresca

By Michael Tresca

One shapechanger stands above all of them because the final resource of worry and crafty. for hundreds of years, werewolves were staples of folklore around the world, spreading terror within the evening whereas hiding among mankind within the day. Now the whole consultant to Werewolves brings this historic monster into your d20 online game. Grounded in folklore from a number of cultures, this thorough and imaginitive sourcebook promises every thing you want to interact the world's most deadly shapeshifter. the entire advisor to Werewolves takes a accomplished view of its mythical topic. With fabric according to mythology, it bargains new strategies for werewolf characters, together with not only the standard collection of feats and status sessions, but in addition principles for breeds, lunar impression, and weaknesses or "thorns." each element of the lycanthropic procedure is tested, from existence levels to attitude to new lyncathropic ailments, and the e-book encompasses a number of robust NPCs and new monsters able to be inserted into any crusade. This booklet makes use of the 3.5 version of the d20 principles set, and is absolutely suitable with the world’s most well-liked position taking part in online game.

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Howling to express joy. Barking to warn of imminent danger. Barking to challenge an enemy. Growling before entering combat. Squeaking noise to call pups. Whimpering to calm pups down. Survival (Wis) Wolves communicate in a variety of ways. One way they convey messages is through body language. This may take afflicted werewolves some getting used to. On a successful check, the werewolf knows what the other wolf is indicating with its body language. Otherwise, the werewolf merely perceives the wolf’s posture.

The benandanti’s warrior role was diminished. As their society hunted less, the cult’s role shifted from hunter to guardian. They were relegated to a symbolic role only, their warrior roots forgotten. But the good outsiders who bestowed the gift had not forgotten the pact. When the angels returned hundreds of years later, they found a culture unprepared for war. So the angels tapped into the very blood of the tribe, triggering the lycanthropic gift and reminding the werewolves of their roots. Now, the angels lead the benandanti.

Werewolf Hunting (Ex): At 1st level, the lupus venator receives a +1 bonus to Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, and Survival checks against lycanthropes. This bonus also applies to damage rolls, though ranged attacks only gain the bonus when within 30 feet. This ability stacks with similar abilities. At 4th and 9th levels, the lupus venator’s bonus increases to +2 and +3 respectively. Lycanthropic Resistance (Su): The lupus venator is incapable of contracting lycanthropy. Crossbow Mastery (Ex): The crossbow is the lupus venator’s weapon of choice.

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