College Algebra by James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson

By James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson

Learn how to imagine mathematically and enhance real problem-solving talents with Stewart, Redlin, and Watson's collage ALGEBRA, 5th variation. this simple and easy-to-use algebra publication can help you research the basics of algebra in quite a few functional methods. The publication beneficial properties new instruments that can assist you be successful, similar to studying goals earlier than each one part to organize you for what you are approximately to profit, and a listing of formulation and key innovations after each one part that support strengthen what you've got realized. furthermore, the booklet comprises many real-world examples that convey you ways arithmetic is used to version in fields like engineering, company, physics, chemistry, and biology.

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77. 79. ✎ 81. 3 4 A5 1 x B A2 1 xB 4 7 2 x 4 2x3 1xy 4 2 16xy 3 2 72. A2 1a B A 2 aB 10 76. 78. 3 2 8x2 90. Speed of a Skidding Car Police use the formula s ϭ 130 fd to estimate the speed s (in mi/h) at which a car is traveling if it skids d feet after the brakes are applied suddenly. The number f is the coefficient of friction of the road, which is a measure of the “slipperiness” of the road. The table gives some typical estimates for f. 2x 2a3b 4 3 2 2 ab 2 4 16u3√ B u√5 80. 3 2 y1y 82. 1 (a) If a car skids 65 ft on wet concrete, how fast was it moving when the brakes were applied?

2 x 4 2 16x8 3 32. 2x3y6 3 2x3y 3 3 36. 2a2b 2a4b 3 37. 2 164x 6 4 4 2 2 38. 2 xyz 39–48 ✎ 39. 132 ϩ 118 41. 1125 Ϫ 145 3 3 40. 175 ϩ 148 3 42. 254 Ϫ 216 44. 18 ϩ 150 45. 1245 Ϫ 1125 3 3 46. 224 Ϫ 281 5 5 47. 296 ϩ 23 4 4 48. 248 Ϫ 23 49. x3/4x5/4 50. y2/3y4/3 51. 14b2 1/2 18b1/4 2 52. 13a3/4 2 2 15a1/2 2 „4/3„ 2/3 54. „1/3 s5/2 12s5/4 2 2 s1/2 56. 14a b 2 59. 1xϪ5y1/3 2 Ϫ3/5 60. 12x3yϪ1/4 2 2 18yϪ3/2 2 Ϫ1/3 6 8 3/2 57. 18y3 2 Ϫ2/3 ✎ 65. 18s3t3 2 2/3 67. a x8yϪ4 4/3 16y xϪ2/3 y1/2 b 58. 1u4√6 2 Ϫ1/3 62.

Fuel Consumption Suppose an automobile’s fuel consumption is 28 mi/gal in city driving and 34 mi/gal in highway driving. If x denotes the number of city miles and y the number of highway miles, then the total miles this car can travel on a 15-gallon tank of fuel must satisfy the inequality 1 28 x ϩ 1 34 y 67. Limiting Behavior of Reciprocals Complete the tables. What happens to the size of the fraction 1/x as x gets large? As x gets small? x 65. Mailing a Package The post office will accept only packages for which the length plus the “girth” (distance around) is no more than 108 inches.

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