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Part II: topic Reviews
* Covers 4 components verified at the DAT: traditional Sciences (Biology and Chemistry), Perceptual skill, analyzing Comprehension, and Quantitative Reasoning
* comprises question/answer layout and solution explanations

Part III: DAT perform Tests
* includes 4 components just like the DAT
* contains multiple-choice questions through solutions and explanations

CD-ROM with All Questions within the booklet, together with three perform assessments, solutions, and designated Explanations
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D. E. secretions of the skin and mucous membranes. phagocytic white blood cells. antibodies. antimicrobial proteins. inflammatory response. (C) Antibodies are produced in response to a specific foreign invader (antigen). Each antibody produced by the body works only against a specific antigen. Therefore, the production of antibodies is considered a “specific defense mechanism” or a “specific immune response”. Lymphocytes also respond to some specific foreign invaders and, therefore, are also considered a specific defense mechanism.

B. C. D. E. population. community. gene pool. evolutionary unit. geographic unit. (A) A population refers to a group of individuals of the same species that share a common geographic area. A community (B) refers to all of the populations of different species that share a common geographic area and have the potential to interact with each other. A gene pool (C) refers to the total complement of genes in a population at any given time. 83. Which of the following is NOT one of the conditions required for a population to maintain Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?

D. E. phylogeny. speciation. the fossil record. paleontology. pedigree analysis. (A) Phylogeny traces the evolutionary history of species or related groups of species. Reconstructive phylogeny is part of the discipline of systematics, the study of biological diversity on a global evolutionary scale. 87. If two organisms belong to the same class, they must also belong to the same A. B. C. D. E. family. phylum. order. genus. species. (B) Classification of organisms follows a hierarchical approach, with the highest level being the domain and the lowest level being the species.

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