Client Assessment, 1st Edition by Stephen Palmer, Gladeana McMahon

By Stephen Palmer, Gladeana McMahon

`This chunky little e-book is choked with attention-grabbing ways to the at present trendy sector of purchaser assessment... this can be a ebook for any counsellor or counsellor trainee's shelf, an important reference for the sound specialist' - Counselling News

`The entire sequence of essays... is a well timed contribution... This e-book is ready being specialist and effective... a worthy multimodal existence stock to be used with consumers is supplied' - Counselling, The magazine of The British organization for Counselling

What info can help you check the healing wishes of a consumer? may well you determine a suicidal purchaser? how are you going to inform even if you're operating wi

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This information can provide inSight into Copyrighted Material Client History Taking and Associated Administration 37 the client's motivation and the degree of disturbance or distress experienced. A number of possible issues the counsellor may need to consider are as follows (Palmer and Dryden, 1 995: 1 9) : 1 Are there signs o f 'psychosis'? 2 Are there signs of organicity, organic pathology or any dis­ turbed motor activity? 3 Is there evidence of depression or suicidal or homicidal tendencies?

Reading these notes may help you to evaluate the risk to you, others or the client. If you have access to other professionals' information ahout the client, keep in mind that this might now he inaccurate for two reasons. First, it refers to an earlier time in the client's life and may not necessarily apply now: always he sure to check the date. Second, referral letters may give relevant information and also give an indication of what a particular client's prohlems may he. Again hear in mind as you assess the client yourself that the referral may have heen inaccurate in the first instance.

General Assessment Issues 23 consider this before reading on, and keep your response in mind as you do so. There are difficulties in trying to identify common therapeutic factors across widely different models of counselling, but the following have been proposed as essential elements for the counsellor (Truax and Carkhuff, 1 967): 1 2 3 4 S Be accurately empathic. Be 'with' the client. Be understanding, or grasp the client's meaning. Communicate empathic understanding. Communicate unconditional positive regard.

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