Changes in Decision-Making Capacity in Older Adults: by Sara Honn Qualls, Michael A. Smyer

By Sara Honn Qualls, Michael A. Smyer

A part of the Wiley sequence in scientific Geropsychology, Changes in Decision-Making means in Older Adults: overview and Intervention is helping to familiarize you with the criminal and social contexts for selection making in probably impaired participants. Editors Sara Qualls and Michael Smyer have introduced jointly a awesome workforce of foreign members to supply you with a distinct framework of the felony, social, and mental ways to assessing the power of older adults to make judgements.

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Org/media/hottopics /insurance/olderdrivers. qxd 9/28/07 20 4:14 PM Page 20 AGING EFFECTS ON DECISION-MAKING CAPACITY battery of neuropsychological tests in predicting older adults’ driving performance. Their work involved two steps: (1) they surveyed neuropsychologists to assess what types of measures are currently used in assessing driving capacity; and (2) they assessed a sample of older drivers using the consensus battery of 12 measures, comparing their performance on the neuropsychological measures with their performance on a driving simulation task.

After each choice, participants received feedback as to whether they won or lost money. Two decks (A and B) are associated with high reward but even higher loss, resulting in a net loss. The other two decks (C and D) are associated with low reward but lower loss, resulting in a net gain. Participants began with a $2,000 credit and were told they had to continue playing until the end of the game. The game consisted of 100 trials and took approximately 20 minutes to complete. In two studies, we used the IGT to examine the effects of aging on risk taking and decision making.

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