Celestial mechanics by Pollard H.

By Pollard H.

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She gave in to it, and slept. This time she woke because the cart had stopped again. There was no sudden lurch, just the cessation of movement. Isaac and Brunetta were awake, too, Isaac with his head out of the draped cloth again, talking to someone out of sight. There was an odd, muffled quality about the light in the cart. Judith leant to one side and pushed apart the covering. She could see nothing. A dense fog blanketed everything the reason for the muffled effect she supposed. She coughed in the cold, wet air, and drew back into the meagre shelter.

The servant, entering with the wine, gawped at all three, set the tray down, and departed, muttering something unintelligible to himself. Isaac had demanded three goblets of the wine, and they each took one. " Then, flinging back his head, he took a deep draught. The women followed his example, Brunetta with some bewilderment, and Judith with gusto. The warm, spiced wine slipped down her throat, and spread deliciously through her body. She turned to Brunetta. "Your husband will tell you my story," she said.

After laying tefillim and completing his morning prayers, he woke his wife. BOSON BOOKS -46- Belaset’s Daughter "Brunetta," he whispered. "Go and see if Judith is ready to resume her travels. " His wife nodded sleepily. As he left the room, she sat up and rubbed her eyes. Stretching prodigiously, she wondered what they were going to do and where they would go. Did he know how to get Judith away without danger? How long had he lain awake, planning and thinking, while she had slept peacefully beside him?

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