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Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing: 10th International Workshop, LCPC'97 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, August 7–9, 1997 Proceedings

This e-book constitutes the completely refereed post-workshop lawsuits of the tenth foreign Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing, LCPC'97, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, united states in August 1997The e-book provides 28 revised complete papers including 4 posters; all papers have been rigorously chosen for presentation on the workshop and went via an intensive reviewing and revision section afterwards.

Cloud Computing: Web-basierte dynamische IT-Services (Informatik im Fokus) (German Edition)

Als Internetdienst erlaubt Cloud Computing die Bereitstellung und Nutzung von IT-Infrastruktur, Plattformen und Anwendungen. Dabei wird stets die aktuell benötigte Menge an Ressourcen zur Verfügung gestellt und abgerechnet. In dem Buch vermitteln die Autoren einen Überblick über Cloud-Computing-Architektur, ihre Anwendungen und Entwicklung.

Data Management in a Connected World: Essays Dedicated to Hartmut Wedekind on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday

Facts administration platforms play the main the most important function in construction huge software s- tems. given that glossy functions are not any longer unmarried monolithic software program blocks yet hugely versatile and configurable collections of cooperative providers, the knowledge mana- ment layer additionally has to conform to those new specifications.

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There are only two settings for this parameter -TRUE and FALSE. Any deviation from this will result in this error. 1: this parameter is peculiar in the fact that it is a 'Boolean' variable. This means, if you are using it from WITHIN a BLPH function it does NOT require quotation marks around it. Action: Edit parameter to either TRUE or FALSE. Remove quotation marks if used from within a BLPH function. 20. Type: Cause: #N/A Rl Tim Bloomberg Handled error / Data The security for which real time data is being requested is not being priced in real time.

CURRENCY Enter the 3 letter ISO code, in quotation marks or currency. : You can copy and paste the following in a particular cell Content =BLPTODAY() =BLPIT("YHOO US EQUITY","LAST_PRICE","09/01/05 15:00","09/01/05 16:00",5) =BLPIB("YHOO US EQUITY","LAST_PRICE","09/07/05 16:00",,10) =blptoday()-100 =blptoday()-99 Cell C1 A3 A17 A21 A22 Page 38 of 73 Bloomberg Documentation By Rasheed Abad Master of Finance Data Download =BLPIA("YHOO EQUITY","LAST PRICE",A21,A22) =BLPIT("YHOO EQUITY","LAST PRICE",A21,,1440) A23 A25 Result: Examples of BLPI: You can copy and paste the following in a particular cell Content =BLPTODAY() =BLPI("LAST TRADE","YHOO US EQUITY","LAST_PRICE","09/01/05 15:00","09/01/05 16:00",5) =BLPI("BEST_BID","YHOO EQUITY","LAST PRICE","09/07/05 16:00",,10) =blptoday()-100 =blptoday()-99 =BLPI("BEST ASK","YHOO EQUITY","LAST PRICE",A21,A22) Cell C1 A3 A17 A21 A22 A23 Result: Page 39 of 73 Bloomberg Documentation By Rasheed Abad Master of Finance Data Download Page 40 of 73 Bloomberg Documentation By Rasheed Abad 5.

Bloomberg Handled error / Data Data for the specified derived field is not available. There are a number of reasons why this can occur. Of the thousands of fields available to the API, many are derived from contributed data. While Bloomberg System endeavor to calculate and display all fields as soon as the necessary data is made available to us, not all data may be available for a particular field to hold non-null values at all times. This error may also be caused where values stipulated for an overridable field are significantly different from what may be regarded as the 'normal range' of acceptable values.

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