Bipolar Disorders: 100 Years after Manic-Depressive Insanity by A. Marneros, Jules Angst

By A. Marneros, Jules Angst

100 years in the past in 1899 Emil Kraepelin, Professor of Psychiatry in Heidelberg and later in Munich created, in vitally important items of labor, the idea that of "manisch-depressives Irresein" ("manic-depressive insanity"). the 1st was once entitled Die klinische Stellung der Melancholie(The scientific place of Melancholia), and the second one ebook used to be the 6th variation of his textbook. within the comparable 12 months Kraepelin's scholar and colleague, Wilhelm Weygandt, released his ebook Uber die Mischzustande des Manisch- Depressiven Irreseins (On the combined States of Manic-Depressive Insanity). A century after Kraepelin's production of "manic-depressive insanity," we have fun. is that this really apt? We think it's firmly validated that the "folie circulaire" of Jean-Pierre Falret or the "folie a double forme" of Jules Baillarger differs from recurrent melancholy, that's additionally various from Kraepelin's "manic-depressive insanity." but the reply to the query of xvi Preface if it is acceptable to have a good time is obvious: convinced. This not just as the paintings of Emil Kraepelin is key within the precise feel of the notice. There could be without doubt that Emil Kraepelin is crucial founding father of smooth psychiatry. only one of the various purposes for this opinion is his huge, immense contribution to the definition, description and prognosis of affective disorders."

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Originally (Akiskal 1983 – see Table 1), we had lumped both conditions (depressions with antidepressant-associated hypomania and those arising from a hyperthymic temperament) under bipolar III; but the differences between the two are sufficiently compelling to deserve separate coding. Our revised new schema (Akiskal and Pinto 1999) appears in Table 2. In this chapter we go beyond the external validation of the bipolar spectrum (Akiskal 1983, 1996). To aid in clinical distinctions, in true Kraepelinian spirit, we present clinical vignettes that can serve as prototypes of bipolar spectrum disorders – with special focus on soft bipolarity.

He also described rapid cycling between melancholia and brief mania (p. 111), later described as a more regular alternation of cyclicity by Focke (1862), as lasting 3–4 weeks by Jules Falret (1879, pp. 58, 66) or just a few (6) days by Kelp (1862). Emil Kraepelin distilled, conceptualized and categorized previous knowledge regarding mixed states as well as other mental disorders. Kraepelin used the term "Mischzustände" ("mixed states") or "Mischformen" ("mixed forms") for the first time in the 5th edition of his textbook (1896, p.

Bull Acad Natl Med (Paris). 1854:382–415. Falret JP. La folie circulaire ou folie à formes alternés. Arch Gén Méd. 1879;1:52–68. Fischer-Homberger E. Das zirkuläre Irresein. Zürich: Juris; 1968. Flashar H. Melancholie und Melancholiker in den medizinischen Theorien der Antike. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter; 1966. Focke A. Über cyklische Seelenstörungen. Correspondenz-Blatt Dtsch Ges Psychiatr. 1862;21,22:321–4. Foville A. Folie à double forme. Brain. 1882;5:288–323. Fowler RC, McCabe MS, Cadoret RJ, Winokur G.

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