Biodiversity 2, Edition: 2nd by Marjorie L. Reaka-Kudla

By Marjorie L. Reaka-Kudla

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G. A. Samuelson, and S. E. Miller. 1993. Patterns of beetle species diversity in New Guinea rain forest as revealed by canopy fogging: Preliminary findings. Selbyana 14:16-20. Arnol’di, L. , V. V. Zherikhin, L. M. Nikritin, and A. G. Ponomarenko. 1992. Mesozoic Coleoptera. Oxonian Press, New Delhi, India. 284 pp. Ashworth, A. , and J. W. Hoganson. 1993. The magnitude and rapidity of the climate change marking the end of the Pleistocene in the mid-latitudes of South America. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol.

D. Lubin, and G. G. Montgomery. 1984. Arthropods from the canopy of inundated and terra firme forests near Manaus, Brazil, with critical consideration of the Pyrethrum-fogging technique. Stud. Neotrop. Fauna Envir. 19:223-236. , and H. O. R. Schubart. 1984. Ecological research on arthropods in Central Amazonian forest Copyright © National Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved. html BIODIVERSITY AT ITS UTMOST: TROPICAL FOREST BEETLES / 39 ecosystems with recommendations for study procedures. Pp 111-114 in J.

Attention must focus on the underlying evolutionary processes that have resulted in such diversity and evaluate these in terms of present human activities. COLLECTION OF DATA Because the interface between insects and their environment is at a small resolution, information they provide may well be critical for ecological restoration. Management will depend on what we really know rather than what we surmise. Conservation cannot now deal with insect information, but will be compelled to do so in the not-too-distant future.

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